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Voice & Guitar : Chris Dumigan

La Chanson de l'Avoirdupois by Chris Dumigan

for female voice and guitar

La Chanson de l'Avoirdupois (The Song of Weights & Measures) by Chris Dumigan with lyrics by Chris Fogg was written for Duo Amiche (Tamara McCoy and Valérie Hartzell).

This stunningly beautiful setting by Chris Dumigan of words taken from Chris Fogg's novel The Spindle Tree has produced a piece of music with a melody and sentiment that will stay with you long after first hearing.

In a nutshell, imagine Kurt Weill had written Jim Croce’s Time in a Bottle as a 1930s style torch song for Édith Piaf to sing in The Threepenny Opera but with lyrics that relate to looking back over a life lived and wondering how it will be ‘measured’!

If you are a guitarist who doesn’t already have a singer duet partner we recommend finding one or you are missing out!

Length - approx 8 minutes or which 1 min 30 is just solo guitar.
Vocal range - just over 2 octaves, from G below middle C to G# above the stave, therefore, will suit an accomplished mezzo soprano, alto or contralto.
Guitar part - approx grade 7.
Presented in score over 9 pages.
£8 book
£6 pdf