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Solo Guitar : Chris Dumigan

Ten Popular Songs vol. 1 arr. Chris Dumigan

for solo guitar

10 faboulous arrangements for solo guitar by Chris Dumigan.

Vincent - Don McLean
And I Love Her - Lennon and McCartney
Scarborough Fair - Trad.
Scarlet Ribbons - Evelyn Danzig and Jack Segal
Killing Me Softly with His Song - Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel
The Skye Boat Song - Trad.
Sealed With a Kiss - Gary Geld and Peter Udell
A Londonderry Air - Trad.
Dream a Little Dream of Me - Fabian Andre, Wilbur Schwandt and Gus Kahn
Let There Be Love - Lionel Rand and Ian Grant

Includes a CD of the album played by Paul Gregory

Paul Gregory writes: "At last! For all those classical guitarists who long to play the famous pop songs of the past - a worthy collection.

Suitable for any intermediate player to read through and take a trip down memory lane or for the more advanced to enjoy, perform or use as a basis for further improvisation ... Highly 'playable' polyphonic arrangements that are presented in an honest and reliable form.
The chosen keys allow the music to sound at its' very best on the classical guitar."

"The arrangements are straight-forward, not over difficult, don't pander to the arranger's ego but just work to produce a lovely guitar version of these songs. Put these on your birthday list, Christmas list, even your wedding list but make sure you get it!" - CLASSICAL GUITAR

Grades 6-7
£16 (book)
£13 (pdf - does not include CD)