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Solo Guitar : Steve Marsh

Ten Easy Pieces by Steve Marsh

for solo guitar

Ten Easy Pieces by Steve Marsh contains original, tuneful compositions aimed at the first-year guitar student. Each piece has been written with enjoyment and technical progression in mind and is in a particular style: folk-fingerpicking, baroque, lute along with a handful of impressionistic pieces.

Superb teaching material!

Titles are…
Desert Sun
Fog Around The Lighthouse
The Invaders
My Lady Emma's Delight
Something Nasty in the Cellar
Little Waldorf

"Teachers reading here will realise that Steve Marsh has thoughtfully introduced all manner of elements for them to comment on in this practical, no-nonsense, tuneful book; I'm sure it will be much appreciated by both them and their students." - CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE.

Grades 1-2
£8 book
£6 pdf
LMP 059