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Solo Guitar : Steve Marsh

Eight Solos for Classical Guitar by Steve Marsh

Eight Solos for Classical Guitar by Steve Marsh is a collection of pieces aimed at the second-year student written with the aim of improving certain aspects of technique whilst hopefully incorporating enjoyable music.

Techniques covered include:
- tuning 6th string down to D;
- various fingerboard positions;
- apoyando melody above an accompaniment;
- strumming;
- bar chords;
- arpeggios.

Titles are:
Buff and Blue - a tune from the Northumberland part of the U.K.;
Prelude in E Minor - a slow, lyrical composition written in a 'Spanish Romance' style;
Carl Wark - this is the name of an Iron Age fort situated in the Peak District area of the U.K.;
Malaguena - a flamenco-style piece based on the famous Spanish tune;
Snow on Snow - a melancholy and lyrical work written for the Christmas period;
Study No. 1 - a study to help bring out the melody of a piece;
House of the Rising Sun - an arrangement of the well-known folk song;
Sweet Betsy - a slow, lyrical piece written in memory of a lovely dog.


16 pages.
Grades 3-4
£8 book
£6 pdf