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Cello & Guitar : Owen Middleton

Caprice Rondo by Owen Middleton

for cello and guitar

Caprice Rondo for cello and guitar by Owen Middleton marks a first-time departure from this composer’s usual style of concert music and is instead infused with his lifelong love of jazz using extended harmonies and free-wheeling melodic lines.

The music starts with a Prelude (warming-up), depicting the two players tuning up and loosening the fingers, which segues seamlessly into a Rondo that alternates a theme based around scales and parallel chords with passages written in a free jazz style.

No improvisation skills needed! Simply enjoy the notated jazz style and harmonies.

Lasts approx. 6½ minutes
8 page score and separate part booklets - 6 page cello and 7 page guitar
Grade 6-7
£13 book
£9 pdf