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Two Guitars : Dvorak arranged by Duo Miric

Slavonic Dance Op. 46 No. 7 by Dvorak arr. Duo Miric

for two guitars

Slavonic Dance Op. 46 No. 7 by Antonín DvoÅ™ák arranged for two guitars by Duo Mirić.

Coming from DvoÅ™ák’s 16 Slavonic Dances, Op. 46 No. 7 is fast and lively and utilises canonic themes to build the excitement. Maybe not the most famous piece in the set but definitely deserves to be more widely known. Combine it with one or more of Duo Mirić’s other DvoÅ™ák arrangements (links below) to create a substantial feature in a concert programme.

Lasts approx. 3½ minutes.

Slavonic Dance Op. 46 No. 1
Slavonic Dance Op. 46 No. 8
Slavonic Dance Op. 72 No. 2

Duo Mirić are twin sisters Darka Kooienga (née Mirić) and Tanja Mirić. They have been playing together for over two decades. Each holds a D.M.A. from the University of Minnesota, an M.M. from Southern Methodist University and a B.M. from Mississippi College. Notable concert appearances include the St. Louis Classical Guitar Great Artist Series, the Schubert Club Courtroom Concert Series, the Fort Worth Guitar Guild, and the Ensemble Showcase at the Guitar Foundation of America Convention.

5 page score with separate parts each 3 pages
Grade 7
£7 book
£5 pdf
LMP 207