Lathkill Music Publishers

Solo Guitar : Gary Spolding

Ragamuffin by Gary Spolding

'Rocks, Rags, Blues and Boogies' for solo guitar

Ragamuffin is an entertaining collection of student pieces sub-titled 'Rocks, Rags, Blues and Boogies' all written in 'swing' rhythm for guitar solo by Gary Spolding.

Titles are...
Clapped Out Blues
Slip-Slidin' Rock
Ragtime Song
The Old Tin Shack
Rock Bass Groove
Little Boy Blues
Bass Vamp
High Noon Boogie Woogie
Three Miles Home
Mardi Gras Funeral Blues
Rock Me
One for the Road
Slick Riff Blues

"This is a collection of pieces which I'm sure will find its' way into many teachers stand-by pieces. The book is well thought out and will give a valuable source of music for those searching for pieces in a popular style." - CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE

16 pages
Grade 1-5
£8 book
£6 pdf