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Lathkill Music Publishers

Flute & Guitar : Ange Turell

Three Lullabies arr. Ange Turell

for flute and guitar

Three pieces based on lullabies from different parts of the world arranged for guitar and flute.

The writing is so creative that these pieces transcend mere arrangements to become compositions based around the lullaby themes with intertwining counterpoint and developed musical excursions.

With the flute writing being generally low in the register to help create mood and atmosphere the guitarist can worry less about balance and concentrate more on further enhancing the character of these extremely evocative pieces.

Individually they make the perfect addition to a flute and guitar concert or recording, even as an encore, or combine all three to create a substantial item lasting approx. 12 mins.

Ho Ho Watanay - trad. Native American - 4½ mins
Einini - trad. Irish - 4 mins
Byssan lull - trad. Norwegian - 3 mins

10 page guitar part in score and separate flute part 6 pages
Grade 6-7
£11 book
£9 pdf