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Latest additions to the catalogue

A fabulous new composition in 7 movements for female voice and guitar by Chris Dumigan.

20 of the finest duets from the Golden Age of English lute music transcribed for two guitars by Gary Spolding.

Relief and Ina’s Lullaby
Two lyrical and expressive pieces in a modern contemporary style for solo guitar by Mauro Godoy Villalobos.

Five Bosnian Songs
If you are not familiar with traditional Balkan music then you are in for a treat with this unusual and inspiring music expertly arranged for solo guitar by Tanja Mirić.

fabulously arranged for four guitars or guitar ensemble by Steve Marsh.

A new look for the solos BWV 995 to 1013
Bach’s original writing, stripped back to just the notes, in guitar friendly keys, but with no other editorial changes transcribed by Gary Spolding.

Le Tic-Toc-Choc (and other cross pieces) by François Couperin
Five unusual pieces arranged for two guitars by Gary Spolding.

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