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Any-Orch : none

About Any-Orch

Sheet music that
any combination of instruments
can play together.

Who it’s for:
Music teachers and ensemble leaders looking for a simple, innovative and creative way to get musicians in their first 3 years of learning an instrument playing together.

How it works:
1 - everyone has the parts for melody, bass and harmony.
2 - everyone learns each part together.
3 - assign different parts to different players to get the full effect.
It’s that easy!

What you get:
A PDF with music for the 11 instruments most commonly played by beginners, plus 4 ‘unnamed’ for any other instruments in your group.
Here are two free samples. Just print out what you need and give it a try!
La Bergamasca - trad. Italian (difficulty level 1)
Marche Slave - Tchaikovsky (difficulty level 7)

- easier rehearsals
- caters for mixed abilities
- unlimited flexibility
- promotes creativity
- rewarding with any age group
- the end results sound good!
Click for tips and to read more about the benefits of Any-Orch.

Available pieces:
We choose pieces with a strong and memorable melody that are satisfying to play and entertaining to listen to.
Click for the full list with previews.
Each piece can be played by any of these ensembles, combos, groups, or bands…
- full orchestra
- string orchestra
- windband
- string quartet / 3 violins + cello
- brass band*
- clarinet choir*
- recorder group
- guitar ensemble
- non-standard combinations of instruments or oddly shaped school orchestras and bands (e.g. 4 recorders, 1 clarinet, 2 cellos and French horn!)
*If your group consists of just brass instruments or just clarinets we have special arrangements for those combinations.

The cost:
All pieces are £4 each.

To purchase or ask any questions:
Click for the contact form.