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Two Guitars : Jean-Marie Leclair transcribed by Gary Spolding

6 Sonatas Op.12 by Jean-Marie Leclair trans. Gary Spolding

for two guitars

6 Sonatas Op.12 by the French Baroque master Jean-Marie Leclair the Elder.

Little known yet stunningly high quality and joyous music originally written for two violins sensitively translated for two guitars by Gary Spolding.

The pieces are suitable as recital material for an ambitious guitar duo or for social duetting. Teachers will also find individual movements useful as both high-level sight reading (minimal fingering helps here) and duet repertoire.

Also available - Leclair’s slightly easier but equally beautiful Op.3 set of sonatas - click here.

Separate parts only - 68 pages total
Grades 5-8
£24 supplied as two individual part books each 34 pages
£16 pdf