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Two Guitars : English Lute Duets

English Lute Duets Volume 3 trans. Gary Spolding

for two guitars

English Lute Duets volume 3 contains 15 lesser well known yet very unusual pieces from the Golden Age of English lute music transcribed for two guitars by Gary Spolding. As far as we are aware, the majority of pieces in this book have never been made available before for guitar duet.

The music has been painstakingly transcribed from sixteenth-century lute books and notated in a way that retains the musical freedom of playing from tablature.

The duets can be played in conventional tuning or in ‘lute tuning’ with string 3 to F#.

Richard Allison - The Spanish Measures, De la Tromba & The Sharp Pavan
Ellis Lawrey - The Marigold
Anonymous - Galliard for Two Lutes after Lavecchia, Quadran Pavan & Quadran Galliard
John Johnson - The Hunt’s Up, Green Garters, Passamezzo Galliard, Short Almain 1, Short Almain 2, Passemeasures Pavan, Galliard to the Passemeasures & Goodnight and Good Rest

40 pages in separate parts (no score). The book is designed to be shared on one stand similar to a piano duet book. The equal duets have one guitar part printed on the right hand page and the other on the left, and the treble and ground duets have the ground first followed by the treble. (The pdf version prints on individual sheets so can be used differently.)

Grade 4-8
£13 book
£9 pdf

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