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Three Guitars : Mark Houghton

Three Dialogues by Mark Houghton

for three guitars

Three Dialogues for three guitars by Mark Houghton consists of Sonatina, op.18, Habanera, op.23 and Calm Seas, op.21.

Sonatina, op.18 was composed as a tribute to Joseph Haydn, who, with his op.33 string quartets of 1781, achieved a ‘dialogue’ in which all instruments in an ensemble were given equal status. In this Sonatina each guitar is allowed to toy with the themes until in the end they all unite and bring the piece to a close.

The Habanera, op.23 is an opportunity to dabble with jazzy chords and improvised phrases in a lyrically syncopated environment.

Calm Seas, op.21 is a beautiful melodic work telling of a boat journey across a changeable sea.

Mark Houghton won the Kilvington Memorial Prize for his composition at the Dillington Guitar Summer School and Festival 2000.

14 page score with separate parts
Grades 5-8
£11 book
£8 pdf