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Solo Guitar : Michael Bard

Prelude: Sueño by Michael Bard

for solo guitar

Prelude: Sueño by Michael Bard is both an enchanting melodic miniature and a modern take on the tremolo study for solo classical guitar.

Recommended for players who have mastered tremolo technique and are looking for something other than Tárrega’s Recuerdos de la Alhambra and Barrios' final composition Una Limosnita por Amor de Dios.

Like the Tárrega and Barrios, Prelude: Sueño is in 3/4 time but differs by having a melody that changes note more frequently, a more contemporary harmonic landscape and the addition of natural harmonics in the thumb ‘bassline’.

Listen to Michael perform this piece in the video below where he segues his prelude into the prelude from Bach’s first cello suite.

Edited and fingered by Eleftheria Kotzia as part of the Eleftheria Kotzia Series
Lasts approx. 1½ minutes
2 pages
Grade 7
£7 book
£5 pdf
LMP 203