Frost Songs by Brad Richter

The three songs in this collection were originally set for voice and guitar using three poems by Robert Frost as text:

Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening;
Fire and Ice;
Bond and Free.

Robert Frost is certainly one of America’s most beloved and important poets and his lyrical style and rhythmic phrasing have tempted many composers over the years to set his words to music.

Unfortunately, and unbeknownst to Brad Richter when he wrote these songs, the executors of the Robert Frost estate have disallowed the use of his poems for song lyrics, fearing, perhaps with good reason, that they might become overused.

Though he was very disappointed to discover this, it led Brad to try the songs as a vocalise as well as with flute and violin and he was "excited and relieved" to find that the songs worked very well without words as set in this edition.

Excellent concert material.

Grade 8
£8.95  (book)
£6.45  (pdf)